The Rotary Club of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus met at West Side Rowing Club (WSRC) parking lot just off Rotary Row at 10:00AM. Our section of trail is from Porter Avenue to Hampshire and Niagara Streets. 
The scope of our Saturday morning work consisted of picking up garbage & debris, sweeping/clearing organic debris off of the paved trail, and extraction of weeds and invasive species.
Thank you to Club Members Bryan, Nick, Sean, and Brooke! 
We collected a total of 20 bags of garbage consisting of plastic, cardboard, foam, etc w/avg weight per bag of 25lbs for a total of 500lbs.
An estimated 2 tons (probably more) of organic waste, ie. wood, logs, drift wood, sticks, weeds, stones etc. from storm wash up and blow-down from trees.
- 65 WSRC kids who spent 20-30 minutes after practice
- 3 BNMC Rotary & 3 guests
- 11 Buffalo Rotary & 2 guests
- WSRC: Miles Schwartz & Joe Rozbicki
- Greg Stevens
Want to join us on the next clean up? Join us at an upcoming meeting to find out  more! 
We meet Monday's from 5-6pm - please contact us for meeting location.